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Mister Focus - STAGE II

Mister Focus - STAGE II

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Mister Focus - STAGE II is your dream channel featuring three blocks of high end analog processing: STAGE II, FILTER, and FOCUS


Select STAGE II with either classic American, British, Tube, or E-Series amplifier modules to give your tracks a signature console tone.

MASS DRIVR - American

ROYAL BLUE - British


HITMAKER 4000 - E-Series

Intensify the analog texture by increasing input gain via the DRV knob.  Turn MIX up to blend the dry and processed signal.


Powered by our Super Filter module, this single button is so much more than a simple filter.  It combines a 12 dB/oct High Pass Filter , the silky VINTAGE Low Pass Filter from the Silver Bullet, and a very analog sounding multistage saturation circuit that makes just about everything sound less digital and more harmonically striking.  Select one of four frequencies for the HPF via internal jumper, including a special resonant 23 Hz setting that features a tape-like head bump emulating our beloved MCI deck.


Bring tracks into focus with the intuitive single-knob FOCUS EQ from the Chop Shop. Effortlessly rebalance the bass and treble energy of the sound. Turn right go brighter. Turn left to go heavier. Apparent loudness is maintained constant for meaningful A/B comparisons. Internal SHIFT jumpers decrease turnover frequency for a different midrange response.   

The PRE-C switch allows FOCUS to be placed before or after the primary Colour slot for the most sonic flexibility.


Easily select one of two signal paths by swapping the order of the STAGE II and FOCUS processing with the PRE-C switch:


Mister Focus - STAGE II has a simplified set of controls that are results-oriented.  No tweak fest here.  We designed this for artists who simply require great tone quickly.

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Choose from our growing list of Colour module options to customize Mister Focus.  There are two analog plugin slots on each unit you can fill to build your dream channel. You can also install any of the Colour modules from DIY Recording Equipment. This is a platform that adapts to the needs of your studio.


Mister Focus - STAGE II is the kind of module that effortlessly makes tracks and busses sound more euphonic, more 3D, and more cohesive just by running signal through it.  STAGE II comes configured with our favorite settings so you can get console-like results right out of the box.  Visit the "In the Mix" tab of the Sound Clips page to hear how transformative this secret weapon can be.


We chose every component in Mister Focus by ear for maximum mojo and its sonic synergy with the rest of the circuit.  Our meticulous development process involved both empirical measurement and real-world studio use to validate the design.  We also leveraged what we learned designing and building Chop Shop and Chroma.  In this design you will find high end parts from Nichicon, Panasonic, Vishay, Susumu, Wima, TI, and Analog Devices.  All audio path resistors are 0.5% or 0.1% thin film types for low distortion and noise.  Where applicable, Mister Focus features custom American wound transformers and our very own discrete op amp in some modules.  Other components like switches, knobs, and faceplate are sourced from American suppliers.  Our PCBs use high temperature Tg 170 material for long-term reliability.  The entire assembly is RoHS compliant (lead free).  All assembly and testing is performed right here in Silicon Valley.