Collection: Colour Modules

What is Colour?

Colour is an exciting new modular platform for creating your own custom analog signal chains. The ever-growing family of modules allows you to bring multiple stages of high end analog processing to your setup a la carte.

The Colour platform consists of Colours and hosts like Silver Bullet mk2Chroma, Chroma+, or Mister Focus. Colours are ultra-compact, swappable analog circuit blocks that snap into the host, and impart various types of analog color such as distortion, saturation, compression, EQ, and even echo. The host device provides level controls, power, and support circuitry for one to three Colour modules.  In Louder Than Liftoff Colour hosts there is also control of wet/dry mix via the C-MIX knob in addition to the C-DRV (drive) knob.

Colour modules can also be used various rackmount and 500 series gear from other manufacturers like DIY Recording Equipment.

Louder Than Liftoff is pushing the boundaries of what Colour is and can be with our RGB Series modules.  Check out the various modules we currently offer: