The Mission

Gear should look, sound, and feel inspiring.

Your creative tools should have just as much care and passion infused into them as the music you are creating. So we have scrutinized every last detail with meticulous and purposeful intent. We have re-envisioned everything from the ground up. Nothing was sacred--not even the paint.

“We set out to create not just a company or a product, but an experience that embodies what we personally would like to have as music makers and consumers. So we put that love and care into every last detail of what we do.”

Our design philosophy is simple: to create imaginative products that achieve a synergy of sight, sound, and tactile experience. In other words--complete sensory satisfaction.

Gear should never sound bad.

Through careful listening and real-world studio use we tweak and refine our designs for exceptional sound 100% the time. We develop tools that provide palettes of sounds intended to meet the demands of real world applications. We streamline the interfaces for getting maximum results in minimal time. Our design choices are informed by our ears.

We believe in offering affordable, world class gear.

However, don't let the prices deceive you. Our products reflect a genuine passion for sound and a belief that the tools we use have the potential to inspire us. We are committed to using only the best components and partnering with vendors that really care about the quality of their work.

If we wouldn’t want it in our studio, then you shouldn’t be stuck with it in yours. There is music to be made and you deserve the best tools, period.

Welcome to the mission.




Learn how a passion for audio and aerospace engineering led to the genesis of badass gear.

The Beginnings of Louder Than Liftoff and the Birth of Chop Shop from Louder Than Liftoff on Vimeo.