Hitmaker Comp Mojo Module

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80's British Hitmaker Console and VCA Compressor
for Silver Bullet mk2

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HITMAKER COMP brings solid state British console sound and VCA compression to the expansion slot of the Silver Bullet mk2. This circuit was inspired by the classic VCA console's Mix Amps and Quad Bus compressor through which thousands of hit records have been mixed since the early 1980's.  

The heart of the famed mix bus was a balanced summing architecture with a hybrid combination of a discrete quad-matched transistor input and a then-state-of-the art Signetics NE5534A op amp to provide open loop gain and load-driving capability.  While a dual amp NE5532 could have been chosen to simplify the design and reduce cost of this module, the audio performance of the NE5532 is not the same in terms of distortion, soundstage, and overall tone.  Our design respectfully pays homage to the original console's Mix Amp by using multiple IC stages of a carefully selected modern production NE5534A, and original spec bipolar coupling capacitors to achieve the harmonic texture reminiscent of the vintage console.

Another critical component defining the gritty and punchy sound of these consoles was the VCA used for master fader level control and bus compression.  Along with the signal path VCA we have also included the entire sidechain circuit of the legendary Bus Compressor for classic 2-bus smack and levelling.  HITMAKER COMP picks up where the Hitmaker 4000 Colour leaves off by giving you not only console-style saturationbut also a versatile palette of VCA compression, pushing the boundaries of what's possible for the Silver Bullet mk2.  Onboard jumpers and trimmers allow threshold, ratio, attack, release, and sidechain filter settings to be tailored for preset usage.   We are confident you will enjoy using it on your busses to achieve that perfect console saturation sweet spot, and on your tracks to add the squeeze and glue that grabs the listener's ears. 


  1. Stereo Hitmaker 4000 Mix Amp circuits for console-style saturation
  2. Stereo VCA bus compressor
  3. Sidechain bypass for saturation only – selectable by jumper
  4. Attack: 1, 3, 10, 30 ms – selectable by jumper
  5. Release: 100, 300, 600, Auto ms – selectable by jumper
  6. Ratio: 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 – selectable by jumper
  7. Threshold and Output Gain – adjustable via trimmers to set balance of saturation to compression
  8. Sidechain HPF: Full, 24, 50, 120 Hz – selectable by jumper
    1. NE5534A op amps chosen for proper vintage tone closest to the famed Signetics 5534
    2. Panasonic bipolar caps as originally spec'd in the 80's consoles
    3. 4-layer PCB design (most parts on bottom of the PCB)
    4. Analog expansion module compatible with Silver Bullet mk2
      1. C-DRV knob on Silver Bullet mk2 controls amount of drive into module
      2. C-MIX knob on Silver Bullet mk2 blends effected/compressed signal with dry signal

    Fully assembled and tested by Louder Than Liftoff.

    Silver Bullet mk2 must be purchased separately.  This module may be purchased as an add-on for your Silver Bullet mk2 or chosen as an option when purchasing a new one.


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