Silver Bullet vs. Summing Box

Have you ever been curious how the Silver Bullet stacks up against a summing box?  In the following example the Silver Bullet goes head to head with a reputable 32-channel summing box.  We included an in-the-box (ITB) digital mix of the song as well.  Four clips are presented in an ABX comparison:

  1. 2-bus into Silver Bullet
  2. 2-bus into 2 channels of Summing Box
  3. 16 channel stems summed through Summing Box
  4. ITB digital mix

The source tracks were recorded and mixed by Tony Marrison, excerpted from the song "Al Gharb" from the album "Lost In Spice: Special Edition" by Kamel Nitrate.  The files are 24-bit, 44.1k and were RMS level matched as best as possible.  The Silver Bullet was set to A>N.  The Summing Box was set up with both summing amp gain boost, and output transformer options engaged.


  • Wait for audio files to buffer.
  • Click "Start ABX" in the player to begin playing Clip X.  The player randomly chooses one of the four clips to play for you.
  • Click "Choose" to select which clip you think you just listened to.  You may play each clip as many times as you'd like.
  • Click "Next X" to start playing the next random clip.
  • Click "Choose" and "Next X"  for additional rounds of listening to increase the statistical certainty that your results are not blind luck.
  • Click "See Results" to stop and see the result of your test.
  • Click "Reset" to start the test over.

 Can you hear a difference?