Silver Bullet Demo

Do you live in the U.S. and want to demo a silverface Silver Bullet in your studio before you make the decision to purchase?  We believe in the product we've created and want you to have the chance to experience the positive impact the Silver Bullet can have on your mixes and workflow.  Continue reading below for details.  Here's the basics:

  • You pay for one-way shipping to demo a Silver Bullet in your studio.
  • You have 14 days to evaluate the unit and experience the positive impact a Silver Bullet will bring to your ITB mixes and workflow.
  • If you decide to keep the unit, you'll get a $50 discount on the purchase. If you decide to send it back, we'll pay for return shipping.

Welcome to the mission.




Click the ADD DEMO TO CART button above to add the discounted demo unit to your cart.  On mobile this may open a new tab.

In the Checkout window fill in your customer information and shipping address, and select your shipping method.  Then select Silver Bullet Demo Payment in the Payment Method section (scroll down if on mobile).  This allows us to only initially charge you for the shipping portion of the order.

Silver Bullet Demo payment method

Click Complete order.  Within 24 hours we will send you an email requesting payment info for your order.  Click the link in the email and enter your credit card info.

We will charge your credit card only for the shipping portion of your order.  To verify you understand the terms of the demo we will give you an old-fashioned phone call within 24 hours.  After speaking to you we will ship the unit within 2 business days.

You have 14 days after delivery to evaluate the unit and decide whether or not you want to buy.

What happens if I want to buy the demo?

Simply contact us via phone or email before the 14-day demo period expires and inform us that you want to buy.  We will charge your credit card on file for the balance you were invoiced at checkout.  You get to keep the discounted unit.

What happens if I want to return the demo?

Simply contact us via phone or email to inform us you will be returning the unit.  Box up the unit and its accessories (power cord, power supply, product card) in the original packaging.  The unit should be in the same condition you received it.  We will cover return shipping and email you a prepaid FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail shipping label (our choice).  Once we receive the unit and inspect it, we will close out your order.




By placing an order for a demo unit, you agree to all the terms stated on this page including the FAQ.

  • You must live in the continental U.S.
  • The silverface unit we send you could have slight cosmetic blemishes on the faceplate or enclosure.  It also could have been used by a previous customer demoing the unit.  It could be an open box unit, B-stock, or refurbished unit.  Or it could be brand-spanking-new with no mileage on it.  All demo units are discounted for these reasons.
  • We will call you to verify that you understand the deal before sending you a unit.
  • You have 14 days from the posted delivery date to evaluate the unit.
  • We reserve the right to charge your card for return shipping if you send the unit back after the demo period ends.
  • We will charge your card for the full purchase price on your order confirmation 15 days after the posted delivery date if we have not been notified of your intent to keep or return the unit.
  • Please don't order a demo unit if you know you are going to be leaving for vacation two days after receiving the unit.
  • Please don't order a demo unit to "rent" it for your mix session.
  • Please do not rack the unit or put your beer bottle on top of it.
  • Please save the original packaging and shipping materials in case you decide to return the unit.  We advise taking photos of the unit so you have a record of its condition should it be damaged during return shipping.
  • Louder Than Liftoff LLC reserves the right to charge your credit card for any missing or damaged items when a unit is returned.




Can I demo a Void Corp unit?

Nope.  These are limited edition products and are not always in stock.

I'm not located in the U.S. and I want to demo.  Can I participate?

Presently we aren't offering demo units to non-U.S. based customers, although we may open it up to international customers in the future.

What happens if I'm not available to take your phone call?

If we can't get a hold of you within 2 days then we will cancel your order.  If you'd like to expedite things just give us a call at 408-686-9585 right after you place the order.

What happens if demo units are out of stock?

If you cannot add a demo unit to the cart it means that all available demo units are currently being evaluated by customers. Keep checking back or email us to be notified when they are available again.

What happens if I don't select the correct payment method when I checkout?

You will be charged for the full cost of the unit plus shipping, which is not what you want.  By choosing "Silver Bullet Demo Payment", only the shipping portion of the order will be charged up front.

What gets charged when I check out?

You will be charged for the shipping service you select at checkout.  For most U.S. destinations FedEx Home/Ground will be the least expensive...about $40.

I like the demo unit and want to buy.  Can I exchange for a brand new unit or a Void Corp unit?

Yes, but you will forfeit the demo discount and be responsible for the cost of return shipping, and the shipping to receive the new unit.  Seems like a lot of money spent on shipping.  If you know you want a brand new unit up front, then it's best to just pony up the cash and buy a brand new unit.  We do offer a 14 day return policy on all products.

What happens if the demo period expires?

We will attempt to contact you by phone or email to see if you are interested in purchasing the unit.  If we can't get in touch with you 21 days after receiving unit, then we will assume you have skipped town and will charge your credit card for the full price of the unit.  Please don't be that guy.

Is there a warranty on demo units?

Yes!  Each demo unit has the same 1-year limited warranty specified in the manual as a brand new unit.

How will you know if I damaged the unit?

We inspect, test, and calibrate each demo unit before it goes out to a new customer so that they are receiving a unit we feel proud to put in someone's studio.  We also photograph the units to maintain records of physical condition.  If an accident does occur, please let us know.

Where is my credit card info being stored?

We do not store any of your credit card information on our servers.  For these demo unit transactions we use Stripe as the payment processor, which uses client-side tokenization to securely collect credit card info and store it in a PCI-compliant manner.  For more info about Stripe's security visit this link.


  Questions? Click here to email us.