Hypermatter Powered

Silver Bullet mk2 features our new Hypermatter Power Supply.  We spent the last couple years developing a state-of-the-art power supply truly fit for the demands of high-resolution audio.  The goal was simple: to create a superior power delivery system whose noise, voltage regulation, and transient response performance is unparalleled.  Since an audio circuit is only as good as its power supply, every component choice was scrutinized to render dynamic sound with revealing detail, dimension, and gut-punching authority.  These choices were also made with reverence to the sonic vibe established by the original Silver Bullet.  The Hypermatter PSU architecture uses an external switch mode power supply (SMPS) in conjunction with an internal regulation and filter module.  The internal Hypermatter PCB assembly uses cutting edge LDO regulators, and nothing but the best components to bring Silver Bullet mk2 to life in ways that must be heard.  Your music has never felt more alive.