Post Black Friday Shipping Delays

This time of the year is always crazy.  We really appreciate everyone supporting our big sale this week to raise money for California Wildfire victims.  We just dropped off a few big boxes of inventory at the fulfillment warehouse.  The droids there inform us that it will be 3-5 days before all that inventory gets processed and stocked so that it can be picked and shipped, due to their heavy workload.  Apparently we are not the only company having a sale this week.  If you have have placed an order in the last 4 days and have not yet received a shipping confirmation email with tracking information then that means that the order is still being processed.  As soon as the droids create the shipping label you'll receive an automated email.  We appreciate everyone's support and patience during this busy time.  We hope to have backorders cleared by mid next week (12/5).
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