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Chroma X is a highly customizable 10-channel, 3RU tracking and mixing processor designed for modern hybrid studios that want more results in less space.  Its Twin Tone-Amp architecture and Tone Shaping EQ is derived from the very circuits used in the acclaimed Silver Bullet.  Answering the call for flexibility and customization, each Chroma X channel delivers with its twin topology (A or N) line processor and mic amp, and adds an exciting twist - an analog plugin slot accepting Colour Modules.  This feature allows integrated processing like tube saturation, compression, or EQ to be inserted into the signal path and mixed with Chroma X's classic 'A' or 'N' inspired MOJO Amps for the ultimate in front and back end versatility that is unmatched by any other product in its class.  We are proud to partner with Purple Audio and use the Sweet Ten Rack to power this product.


  • Selectable 'A' and 'N' inspired MOJO Amps 

    • Mic or Mix/Line mode
    • 48V phantom power
    • Polarity reverse
    • Mix/Line/Instrument Gain: 0 to +26 dB, +26 to +52 dB (High Gain mode)
    • Mic Gain: +8 to +34 dB, +34 to +60 dB (High Gain mode)
    • Optimized input impedance to reveal full potential of ribbon and dynamic mics

  • Colour-compatible analog plugin slots

    • Colour Drive: -6 to +18 dB
    • Colour Mix: crossfade blend of processed and dry signal

  • Baxandall Tone boost EQ

    • LF (+3 dB): Pultec-inspired Subsonic (30 Hz) and Bass (60 Hz) frequencies
    • HF (+4 dB): Presence and Air frequencies
    • Vintage: softens high frequency response to emulate vintage British consoles

  • Signal present indicator and bi-directional meter

  • Powered by Purple Audio Sweet Ten

    • LTL Edition Sweet Ten Rack provides exceptional low noise, regulated power in robustly shieled enclosure
    • XLR inputs
    • XLR & 1/4" TRS outputs
    • 3RU

  • All circuit components chosen by ear for maximum MOJO

    • Custom American made transformers
    • ROGUE FIVE discrete op amps designed by Louder Than Liftoff, conforming to standard 2520 footprint
    • Nichicon HE and Panasonic FR electrolytic capacitors
    • Wima polypropylene film capacitors
    • Thin film 0.5% resistors
    • Audiophile grade op amps, class A biased
    • CIT and Alps pushbutton switches


  • Made by tone geeks for tone geeks. Designed and assembled in Silicon Valley, California.


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  • When will you have more stock?
    • As of 3/1/21 we are accepting new orders.  See the shipping estimates below. 
  • When will I be charged for my order?
    • You will be charged when you submit your order at checkout.
  • When will you be ship my order?
    • Rogue Planet Command typically processes and ships new orders in 7-10 days in the order in which they are received once items are in stock.  You will receive a shipping confirmation email once your order ships.  We will update this FAQ with new information as necessary.
  • How much progress have the droids made building this awesome new product so far?
    • As of 2/1/21, PCB assembly is complete.  Major components like Sweet Ten Racks, transformers, L-brackets, faceplates and knobs are in stock.  The droids are in the process of performing mechanical integration, test, and calibration.
  • How long does it take to manufacture a product like Chroma?
    • It generally takes 5-6 weeks to have PCBs made and assembled, 4-6 weeks to have the faceplates and metal L-brackets fabricated and finished, and about 2 weeks for final assembly and calibration, assuming there are no delays. Once all that is complete (about 8-10 weeks total), we box up the units and ship them out to customers all over the planet.
  • Why are you using a Puple Audio Sweet Ten Rack?
    • With the explosion in popularity of the 500 Series over the years, the choice which rack to acquire has never been more overwhelming.  We are often asked by customers which 500 series rack will provide the best performance for their Louder Than Liftoff Chromas.  After testing many of the current offerings on the market with Chroma, Chop Shop, and Mister Focus we believe that the Sweet Ten rack provides exceptional performance. We love using this rack in our studio at Rogue Planet Command so we chose to partner with our friends at Purple instead of embarking upon a long development road to reinvent the wheel.

Chroma X front panel

10-Channel Tracking Preamp and Bus Tone-Amp in One

Chroma X is designed for ultimate versatility with hybrid workflows in mind.  These days gear needs to deliver results on both the front end and the back end.  Featuring MIC and LINE modes, each of Chroma X's 10 channels is both a preamp for mic level sources and a line level processor for tracks, groups, or busses.

Chroma Block Diagram

Twin Tone-Amp™ Architecture

At the heart of each channel in Chroma X are two Mojo Amps inspired by classic large format consoles – American (A), and British (N).  These Mojo Amps lend their characteristic sonic footprints to any signal passing through the circuit.  Like the Silver Bullet, Chroma is the only processor of its kind that allows you to enable A or N sonics at the push of a button.  Auditioning these two signature sounds during a session no longer requires re-patching or swapping preamps.

Expand With Analog Plugin Modules

Choose from our growing list of Colour module options to expand and customize Chroma X.  There is one analog plugin slot per channel you can fill to build your dream channel. You can also install any of the Colour modules from DIY Recording Equipment. This is a platform that adapts to the needs of your studio.   The analog plugins are easily installed in the Colour Module slot on each Chroma’s printed circuit board – no tools required.   Just insert your favorite Colour Module into the slot, adjust the drive (C-DRV), and blend (C-MIX) the processing with the dry signal to taste.  When EQ modules are installed, the C-MIX knob functions as a variable amount of boost and cut depending on the module.

Tone Shaping

Having the ability to shape tone with broad strokes can be just what the doctor ordered to get your tracks to pop in a mix. To round out the feature set, each channel features switchable Baxandall High Frequency (HF) and Low Frequency (LF) EQ boosts derived from drBill’s favorite Silver Bullet settings for sweetening and enhancing individual tracks or mixes.  The user can select PRESENCE or AIR, and SUB or BASS frequencies via onboard jumpers.  The HF switch can be programmed to add the Silver Bullet’s VINTAGE filter as well.

How It Works

Each Chroma X channel has a simplified set of controls that are results-oriented. No tweak fest here. We designed this for artists who simply require great tone quickly.

Chroma - How it works
Internal jumpers and switches allow you to configure the LF and HF Tone Shaping functions, and the installed Colour module.
Chroma internal settings

Recommended Applications

Microphone Preamp:

  • Drum tracking mothership with selectable A or N modes
  • Live sound / touring 10-channel mic/line amp

Line Level:

  • Multi-Bus / Stem Mojo processor – put on hardware inserts of DAW mixer to add analog coloration and signal processing to tracks and busses
  • Summing box channel enhancement – insert in front of each channel of a summing box to create a more console-like signal path with user-controlled analog coloration on each channel
  • 10-channel Colour module host – add compression, EQ, distortion, saturation, etc.

Powered by Purple Audio Sweet Ten

In collaboration with Purple Audio we are proud to power Chroma X using an LTL Edition Sweet Ten Rack. The Sweet Ten Rack and PSU provides superb low noise, well-regulated power in a robustly shielded enclosure, while meeting the transient demands of the most current hungry modules on the markets. Plus it’s built like a tank and sounds fantastic. The LTL Edition Sweet Ten Rack is a standard 10-slot Sweet Ten Rack manufactured and warrantied by Purple. It has custom front PSU cover plate with a sleek de-branded silver aesthetic to match the installed Chroma modules. For those with an affinity for the dark side, there is an optional “Void Corp” black panel included as well to match the finish of your favorite black gear.

Premium Components and Build Quality

We chose every component in Chroma X by ear for maximum mojo and its sonic synergy with the rest of the circuit.  Our meticulous development process involved both empirical measurement and real-world studio use to validate the design.  We also leveraged what we learned designing and building the Silver Bullet and Chop Shop.  In this design you will find high end parts from Nichicon, Panasonic, Vishay, Susumu, Wima, TI, and Analog Devices.  All audio path resistors are 0.5% or 0.1% thin film types for low distortion and noise.  CHROMA+ also features custom American wound transformers and our very own ROGUE FIVE discrete op amps.  Our PCBs use high temperature Tg 170 material for long-term reliability.  The entire assembly is RoHS compliant (lead free).  All final assembly and testing is performed right here in Silicon Valley.

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As a policy, we decline to get in the middle of third party transactions on used gear.  If you receive the unit and it requires repair please contact us and we can go over service options.  

What in the bloody galaxy is Void Corp?

Void Corp is a character in the Louder Than Liftoff universe.  Some of our products are made as limited edition Void Corp versions with a black aesthetic.  Click the link for more info.

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